Please note that this project only covers the Bradford Central Locality i.e. Community Partnerships 4, 5 & 6.

Please apply using the online form available here



Across the Bradford District and Craven significant health inequalities are determining how long and how well people in our most deprived communities live. In order to close this gap in some of our most deprived communities, a programme called Reducing Inequalities in Communities (RIC) is now live.

RIC enables residents in central Bradford to work together with organisations, partners and stakeholders to bridge the gaps to good health and living well.

The VCS Alliance is leading on the RIC Health Messaging project to deliver 3 campaigns each year across the City Community Partnership areas. Each one of these campaigns will be supported by a small grants opportunity for grass roots community organisations.

The Community Partnerships where these campaigns will be delivered are:

Community Partnership 4 GP partner surgeries: Bilton, Claredon, Frizinghall, Kensington Partnership, Kensington Street, Picton, City Practice, The Family Practice, Lister Surgery.

Community Partnership 5 GP partner surgeries: Avicenna, Bevan, Bradford Moor, Dr Akbar, Dr Hamdani, Moor Park, Primrose, Peel Park, Thornbury, Valley View

Community Partnership 6 GP partner surgeries: Bradford Student Health, Grange, Kensington Partnership (Woodroyd Centre), Little Horton Lane, Dr Gilkar, Little Horton Lane, Dr Mall, Park Grange, Parkside.


Reducing Inequalities in Communities (RIC)




Project Description

The first of these campaigns aims to promote and support local groups to engage with the: Living Well-20 Minute Movement.

Living Well’s – 20 Minute Movement encourages participants to commit to a minimum of 20 minutes activity each day. 20 minutes of movement is about getting you moving and active in your community. This can be organised sport, gardening, dance, walking or even Space Hopper tig… just about anything you can think of that gets your heart pumping.

  • Successful applicants will be expected to work in partnership with the 20 Minute Movement campaign, which provides all the necessary media and comms and resources.
  • Encourage participants to sign up to the Living Well:
    • Health Quiz
    • Free Pedometer
    • Mailing list
  • We would encourage ideas/ proposals that aim to work with participants to promote sustainable healthy lifestyle change.
  • The main emphasis should be on adult health and wellbeing, but we would encourage whole family involvement.

Applicants may wish to link in with scheduled summer sporting events including:

Euro 2020 football

Olympics & Paralympics

Women’s World Cup Football

Wimbledon Tennis

Rugby League World Cup

British and Irish Lions Rugby Union

Women’s Netball World Cup

Women’s Rugby Union World Cup



Living Well – 20 Minute Movement

https://mylivingwell.co.uk/  (Health Quiz/ Mailing list signup and Living Well free account)

https://mylivingwell.co.uk/toolkits (Media, Comms & Resources)


For full list of summer sporting activities:


The VCS Alliance are providing the following:

  • Project set up, advice and assistance.
  • Central financial administration and distribution of resources.
  • Collation of monitoring and final evaluation.
  • Offer a briefing session for those groups successful in applying, giving the opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of:
    • Reducing Inequalities in Communities (RIC)
    • RIC Health Messaging
    • Living Well – 20 Minute Movement
    • Breakdown of project delivery details – the who, what, where, when and how


Criteria for applicants

  • This funding is only open to not-for-profit Voluntary and Community Sector organisations, Social Enterprises, non-constituted grass roots community groups. Schools, GP surgeries, Private businesses, sole traders, individuals or statutory organisations are not eligible.
  • Projects must demonstrate how the funding will be used to support the health and wellbeing of people in their respective Community Partnership area.
  • Projects must describe how they will ensure that activities are delivered in Covid-secure ways.
  • Projects must not duplicate existing services or activities.
  • We would welcome proposals that compliment and seek to add value to existing projects/ activities. Applicants would be asked to ensure this did not lead to double funding.


Application Process

There is a simple application process using a simple and accessible form.

Applications will be assessed by an independent decision-making panel.

  • The assessment will be based on:
    • How is the group planning to meet the stated aims of this funding using an Asset Based Community Development Approach?
    • Encouraging participants to see 20-Minute Movement as a viable lifestyle choice.
    • How the proposal will link into and supplement the Living Well – 20 Minute Movement initiative.
    • Healthy lifestyles are a choice, and we would encourage applicants to consider how they can embed this in their proposal.

Please apply using the online form available here

The deadline for applications is Friday 7th May 2021 at 5pm.


Funding Available

The minimum amount of funding that can be applied for is £250.
The maximum amount of funding that can be applied for is £500.

Where it is thought a proposal has additional merit and scope/ potential to further the aims of this funding opportunity we may offer funding above the £500.00 maximum amount. Subject to available funding.

Organisations who have not previously received funding, and those who have previously received funding AND have satisfactorily returned Evaluation Forms will be prioritised. If you are unsure if any of your organisation’s previous Evaluation Forms have been received, please check before submitting your application.


Outcomes and Monitoring

Successful applicants will be required to report the following information:

  • Number of contacts made (face to face & Digital), broken down (where at all possible) into:
    • Protected characteristic groups
    • Self-reported age (0-10, 11-18, 19-30, 31-50, 51-65, 65+).
    • Self-reported gender
    • Self-reported ethnicity
  • A short report from each Delivery Provider
    • A simple form telling the story of their engagement activity.
    • Reviewing of the positives and the ‘even better ifs’.
    • Hints and tips of what they’ve found works well to reach their demographic.
    • How you have connected to the Living Well – 20 Minute Movement initiative.
  • Case Studies (1 short – 2 paragraphs at most) from Delivery Partners of the difference the input has made with individuals they’ve worked with,
    • One per Delivery Partner (and to ask for permission to share so we could use in the campaign communication to highlight local Living Well Heroes examples).
  • How many participants have signed up to
    • Living Well mailing list (self-reported)
    • Living Well Health Quiz (self-reported)
    • Free Pedometer

We would hope to inform applicants of the panel’s decision by w/c Monday 10th May

The deadline for returning your final End of Project Report is Friday 24th September 2021 at 5pm.

End of Project Reports should be submitted online (a link will be sent to successful applicants)


Community Anchor Support

For support with your project idea, writing your bid or information, advice and guidance whilst running your project please contact your RIC Community Development Worker.

Community Partnership

RIC Community Development Worker

Together 4  Health (CP4)

Girlington Community Centre

Mohammed Imran

Central 5 Community Partnership (CP5)

The Thornbury Centre

Pam Knott

Bradford City and Horton Collaborative (CP6)

Bradford Trident

Jennifer Scott

A copy of this guidance is available to download below.