Mem­bers of the Alliance hold the signed Alliance agree­ment mark­ing an impor­tant achieve­ment on the road to cre­at­ing an account­able care sys­tem for Brad­ford district.

This Alliance Agree­ment is a legal agree­ment between the five part­ner organ­i­sa­tions that make up the Brad­ford Provider Alliance (Brad­ford VCS Alliance, Brad­ford Care Alliance, Brad­ford Teach­ing Hos­pi­tals NHS Foun­da­tion Trust, Brad­ford Dis­trict Care NHS Foun­da­tion Trust and Brad­ford Coun­cil) and the two Brad­ford CCGs.

The Alliance Agree­ment looks to pro­vide an over­ar­ch­ing arrange­ment which gov­erns inte­grat­ed mul­ti-par­ty solu­tions for health, care and sup­port across the geo­graph­i­cal area cov­ered by the two Brad­ford CCGs. The five organ­i­sa­tions will togeth­er form an Alliance in order to devel­op an improved finan­cial, gov­er­nance and con­trac­tu­al frame­work for deliv­er­ing inte­grat­ed health, sup­port and com­mu­ni­ty care for the pop­u­la­tion cov­ered by the CCGs.
The Alliance agree­ment will work along­side the Ser­vices Con­tracts between the CCGs and the Providers for the deliv­ery of the Services;
the Sec­tion 75 Agree­ment entered into by the CCGs and the Coun­cil under which they com­mis­sion the ser­vices list­ed in the sched­ules to that agree­ment and the MoU entered into by the Providers under which they agree to work col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly in respect of the Ser­vices and the Council.
Mem­bers of Brad­ford VCS Alliance have been work­ing hard along side col­leagues from the oth­er part­ner organ­i­sa­tions and the CCGs to agree and finalise the doc­u­ment. The final ver­sion was signed on 28 April 2017. Jen White, BVCSA Pro­gramme Lead cel­e­brat­ed this key moment by stat­ing that “this start­ed off as a col­lab­o­ra­tion and an aspi­ra­tion and we have pro­gressed to being a part­ner and sig­na­to­ry in the Alliance”
The Brad­ford Provider Alliance Agree­ment is Signed
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