The Closing Day for this Opportunity is: Monday 4th April 5pm.

The Opportunity

The VCS Alliance, as deliv­ery part­ner in the Here 4 BDCC pro­gramme, are lead­ing the work of the part­ner­ship to look for a diverse range of front­line organ­i­sa­tions.  We are look­ing for organ­i­sa­tions who are root­ed in our local com­mu­ni­ties (geo­graph­i­cal and com­mu­ni­ties of inter­est) to help the new Here 4 Brad­ford Dis­trict and Craven Com­mu­ni­ties (Here4BDCC) pro­gramme, increase our pres­ence and reach across the Dis­trict. 
For more info on this pro­gramme please view this video:

What does this mean in practice?

In return for a bespoke offer of sup­port we would ask you to:

  • Be part of Here 4 BDCC team, pro­mot­ing our ser­vices and dig­i­tal tools to your local area or com­mu­ni­ty of inter­est, any small­er organ­i­sa­tions who may be dig­i­tal­ly exclud­ed and reg­u­lar users of your services
  • Pro­mote our @Here4BDCC social media channels
  • Send us refer­rals through the Here 4 BDCC web portal
  • Pro­vide insight and knowl­edge of the needs with­in your area/community inter­est via a sim­ple online form
  • Enable under rep­re­sent­ed voic­es from across the Dis­trict to be lis­tened to
  • Sup­port our ambi­tion to enable more peo­ple and organ­i­sa­tions to work together
  • Build on your estab­lished links in the com­mu­ni­ty to increase our reach and diversity
  • A min­i­mum of one year’s com­mit­ment to this delivery.

What organisations/ groups are eligible?

Organisations/ groups with or with­out a fixed base i.e.,we will con­sid­er net­works that have a pure­ly vir­tu­al pres­ence. We would We would encour­age organisations/ groups with premis­es suit­able for deliv­ery of train­ing in a local­i­ty to make this known in their Expres­sion of Interest.

Duration of Opportunity:

All grants will last for a peri­od of one year with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to reap­ply for fur­ther deliv­ery after this.


All organisations/ groups will be expect­ed to com­plete Here 4 BDCC Out­reach Provider web­site train­ing, this will enable your organisation/ group to:

  • Direct­ly access
  • Use
  • Share
  • Sup­port oth­ers to access 

the wide range of online, down­load­able self-serve resources in devel­op­ment. This will include guides, poli­cies, train­ing videos, and links to oth­er resources. 

All the train­ing will be deliv­ered in-house and at no cost to your organisation/ group.

What we will offer in return:

In return we will offer you some or all of the sup­port list below, depend­ing upon the needs of the organisation/ group.

  • A named Devel­op­ment Offi­cer to pro­vide sup­port and link your refer­rals into the main pro­gramme of support
  • Ini­tial web­site train­ing and ongo­ing updates as they occur through the year
  • To be part of the Out­reach Provider net­work.  This is a new net­work aimed at sup­port­ing all the Out­reach Providers with their devel­op­ment needs and pro­vide an oppor­tu­ni­ty for you to talk to the Here 4 BDCC team about any issues you have.
  • One free train­ing course per quar­ter (four per year) (worth at least £160)
  • One free bespoke devel­op­ment activ­i­ty for your organ­i­sa­tion (eg team build­ing event, pol­i­cy review etc) (worth £1500)
  • Sup­port to build your own networks/partnerships as part of your own ongo­ing sustainability
  • A bur­sary of up to £4,000 per year to help you deliv­er this work
  • IT hard­ware for ‘pub­lic use’ if you do not have this

How to apply:

Expres­sions of Inter­est for HERE 4 BDCC will be accept­ed either in writ­ten form or by upload­ing a video.

Via Sur­vey Mon­key, in writ­ing (up to 2 sides of A4) using the link below: 

The video should be no more than 5 min­utes long and the upload but­ton can be accessed via the link below:
Expres­sion of Inter­est Requests HERE4BDCC

In both the writ­ten Sur­vey Mon­key and video sub­mis­sion you are asked to answer the fol­low­ing questions:

Ques­tion 1. How will you improve the reach of HERE 4 BDCC?

Ques­tion 2. What would/ does being part of the HERE 4 BDCC pro­gramme mean to your organisation/ group? 

Ques­tion 3. Do you have train­ing facil­i­ties (Please remem­ber this is not com­pul­so­ry and will not impact any deci­sions).

How To Upload Your Video:

Select Link

Select Upload but­ton on new page

This will open your Win­dows File Tree — Select the video file

NB: Please ensure that when sub­mit­ting your video you title it with project name, con­tact name, and num­ber e.g., VCSAl­liance-Joe­Blog­gs-01274999999’
Alter­na­tive­ly you can include a con­tact sheet and use soft­ware such as WinZip or Win­Rar to make a file archive, this can then be uploaded.

Videos will be uploaded to a secure OneDrive account; oth­er organisations/ projects sub­mit­ting videos will not be able to see what you have uploaded.

Additional Information:

We will be hold­ing an online brief­ing ses­sion via Zoom on:

Thurs­day 24th March at 10 am

via this link:

to help you under­stand this offer in more detail – it’s a chance to ask us ques­tions before sub­mit­ting an Expres­sion of Inter­est (EoI).

This is not com­pul­so­ry, but we would encour­age those think­ing of apply­ing to try and attend.

How we will assess your Expression of Interest:

Team mem­bers for the Here 4 BDCC pro­gramme (with both geo­graph­ic and com­mu­ni­ties of inter­est knowl­edge), will decide on the suc­cess­ful appli­cants based on evi­dence with­in your appli­ca­tion that your organ­i­sa­tion can help to improve reach and pro­vide val­ue for mon­ey. 
We are look­ing to sup­port around 10–12 Out­reach Providers, spread even­ly across the Dis­trict, align­ing with the coun­cil area office teams.


If you want more information about this opportunity please email Kerrie-Lee Barr, Head of Operations, The VCS Alliance:

The Closing Day for this Opportunity is: Monday 4th April 5pm.

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