The Extend­ed Access Ser­vice across Brad­ford pro­vides access to GPs and oth­er health-relat­ed ser­vices in the evening and at weekends.

The Cen­tral area start­ed as a pilot at Pic­ton Med­ical Cen­tre at West­bourne Green Com­mu­ni­ty Health Care Cen­tre in 2017, where the VCS are cur­rent­ly deliv­er­ing ‘Ben­e­fits Check-Ups’ (Wel­fare Ben­e­fits Advice). The North and South Areas start­ed oper­at­ing from April 2018, with ser­vices being deliv­ered from Ship­ley Med­ical Prac­tice and The Ridge Med­ical Prac­tice respectively.

The VCS now have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to offer ser­vices at these two new sites. Fol­low­ing a Ser­vice Scop­ing Work­shop on Mon­day 4th June 2018, all VCS organ­i­sa­tions are invit­ed to sub­mit Head­line Project Pro­pos­als to be put for­ward for pos­si­ble selec­tion to be worked up into a Full Project Proposal.



Mon­day 4th June:     Ser­vice Scop­ing Workshop

Tues­day 12th June — 9:00am:     Dead­line for sub­mis­sion of Head­line   Project Proposals

Tues­day 12th June — 9:30am:     BVCSA Review Pan­el to select   Project Pro­pos­als to be sent to   Extend­ed Access Work­ing Group

Tues­day 12th June — 1:00pm:     Project Pro­pos­als pre­sent­ed to   Extend­ed Access Work­ing Group

Thurs­day 14th June — 3:00pm:     Devel­op­ment Workshop

Tues­day 26th June — 9:00am:      Dead­line for sub­mis­sion of Full Project   Proposals

Tues­day 26th June:     BVCSA Review Pan­el Meets

w/c 2nd July:     Suc­cess­ful Pro­pos­als announced



To help to demon­strate the need for your project, you can access the Pri­ma­ry Care Home (PCH) Com­mu­ni­ty Health and Well­be­ing Pro­files from here.

Fur­ther details and doc­u­men­ta­tion can be down­loaded below.

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