Depart­ment of Work and Pen­sions (DWP) Flex­i­ble Sup­port Fund (FSF) 2022 Pan­el Mem­ber appli­ca­tion form

The VCS Alliance and Depart­ment for Work and Pen­sions (DWP) have agreed fund­ing for an inno­v­a­tive project to help peo­ple far­thest from the job mar­ket to start their jour­ney towards it. The project will take place across Brad­ford Dis­trict, man­aged by The VCS Alliance sup­port­ed by the DWP Flex­i­ble Sup­port Fund.

The inten­tion of the project is to improve employ­ment out­comes and prospects of future employ­ment, for peo­ple who are long-term unem­ployed, or fac­ing com­plex and mul­ti­ple bar­ri­ers to Job Cen­tre sup­port and get­ting into work.

The project will sup­port peo­ple to access and/or re-inte­grate with the job mar­ket via Job Cen­tre Plus by address­ing a wide range of poten­tial bar­ri­ers to this.

The 18-month con­tract will com­mence August 2022 and be deliv­ered by inten­sive navigator/coaching sup­port 1–2‑1 with peo­ple in the cohort. Over­all, the project will employ 6 FTE posts across the VCSE part­ners. It will deliv­er from mul­ti­ple com­mu­ni­ty loca­tions across Brad­ford District.

This project is an amaz­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty to demon­strate the game chang­ing role that VCSE sec­tor organ­i­sa­tions can play in help­ing peo­ple to over­come bar­ri­ers to employ­ment services.

The Pan­el

We are seek­ing peo­ple to join an Inde­pen­dent Deci­sion Mak­ing Pan­el to review expres­sions of inter­est from poten­tial deliv­ery part­ners, and agree who those part­ners will be. The pan­el will meet on either Thurs­day 9th or Fri­day 10th June.

The pan­el will iden­ti­fy vol­un­tary and com­mu­ni­ty sec­tor organ­i­sa­tions with poten­tial to effec­tive­ly deliv­er the project in part­ner­ship with one anoth­er, and who can realise the val­ue of col­lab­o­ra­tive project deliv­ery. Guid­ance will be pro­vid­ed to Pan­el Mem­bers to aid deci­sion making.

Pan­el mem­bers are invit­ed from all sec­tors local­ly, espe­cial­ly peo­ple with knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence of:

It is vital that this ser­vice begins deliv­ery by August 2022

To par­tic­i­pate in this pan­el you must be avail­able on either Thurs­day 9th or Fri­day 10th June

Please read the full spec­i­fi­ca­tion here before apply­ing through the Sur­vey Mon­key Link:
Link to Sur­vey Mon­key Pan­el Appli­ca­tion form
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