The VCS Alliance co-ordi­nates Vol­un­tary and Com­mu­ni­ty Sec­tor organ­i­sa­tions to deliv­er Health and Social Care con­tracts across Brad­ford Dis­trict and Craven CCG area.

We’re currently delivering:

Extend­ed Access Ser­vices
Win­ter Pres­sures 2022
ABCD Small Grants Fund­ing
Covid-19 Test and Trace Micro-Grants (Appli­ca­tions through Com­mu­ni­ty Anchors)
RIC End of Life Sup­port
RIC Social Pre­scrib­ing
RIC Com­mu­ni­ty Development/Volunteering
RIC Wel­fare Ben­e­fits Advice
RIC Health Mes­sag­ing
AWC Part­ner­ship Work­ing Co-ordi­na­tor
Flu Vac­ci­na­tion Sup­port
Act as One VCS Co-ordi­na­tor
Act as One VCS Experts

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