Mission Statement: To secure funding and investment enabling VCS organisations to deliver high quality services in Bradford District and Craven, working collaboratively, that represents best value for stakeholders.
Values: Integrity, innovative, Collaborative, Pioneering, Transparent, Inclusive, Visionary and Accountable.


A diverse Vol­un­tary and Com­mu­ni­ty Sec­tor that is val­ued, resourced and nur­tured that ful­fils its potential.


The Char­i­ty’s objects are restrict­ed specif­i­cal­ly, only for the pub­lic benefit:

1, To pro­mote any char­i­ta­ble pur­pos­es, prin­ci­pal­ly but not exclu­sive­ly in the defined area of Brad­ford
Dis­trict and Craven and the sur­round­ing areas with­in West York­shire and Har­ro­gate (here­inafter called the area of ben­e­fit) and, in par­tic­u­lar sup­port third sec­tor organ­i­sa­tions to enable them to pur­sue or con­tribute to any char­i­ta­ble purpose;

2, to pro­mote, organ­ise and facil­i­tate co-oper­a­tion and part­ner­ship work­ing between Third Sec­tor,
statu­to­ry and oth­er rel­e­vant bod­ies in the achieve­ment of the above pur­pos­es with­in the area of ben­e­fit. For the pur­pos­es of this article: 

i, Third sec­tor means Char­i­ties, Vol­un­tary Organ­i­sa­tion and Social Enterprises;

ii, Char­i­ties are organ­i­sa­tions which are estab­lished for exclu­sive­ly char­i­ta­ble pur­pos­es in accor­dance with the law of Eng­land and Wales.

iii, Vol­un­tary Organ­i­sa­tions and Social Enter­pris­es are inde­pen­dent organ­i­sa­tions, which are estab­lished for pur­pos­es that add val­ue to the com­mu­ni­ty as a whole or a sig­nif­i­cant sec­tion of the com­mu­ni­ty, and which are not per­mit­ted by their con­sti­tu­tion to make a prof­it for pri­vate dis­tri­b­u­tion. Vol­un­tary Organ­i­sa­tions and Social Enter­pris­es do not include local gov­ern­ment or oth­er statu­to­ry authorities. 

How we carry out these Purposes:

The organ­i­sa­tion works with local statu­to­ry bod­ies and oth­er fun­ders to secure grants and con­tracts, and
deliv­ers these by part­ner­ing with local VCS organ­i­sa­tions and com­mu­ni­ty groups to deliv­er high qual­i­ty
ser­vices for the cit­i­zens and com­mu­ni­ties of our area of ben­e­fit.

The organ­i­sa­tion works with local statu­to­ry bod­ies, oth­er fun­ders, and local VCS organ­i­sa­tions and
Com­mu­ni­ty Groups to pro­mote and encour­age a thriv­ing envi­ron­ment where the third sec­tor can work
togeth­er to sup­port each oth­er, improve their sys­tems and process­es, par­tic­i­pate effec­tive­ly in local
part­ner­ship ini­tia­tives, and secure resources for a diverse and flour­ish­ing Vol­un­tary and Com­mu­ni­ty


Benefits of these Purposes:

The organisation’s pur­pos­es ben­e­fit:
• The local com­mu­ni­ty and its res­i­dents as they will ben­e­fit from high qual­i­ty ser­vices deliv­ered by
strong, engaged and equipped local VCS organ­i­sa­tions and Com­mu­ni­ty Groups who are ide­al­ly placed to
know the best ways of deliv­er­ing ser­vices with­in their com­mu­ni­ties.
• Local VCS organ­i­sa­tions and Com­mu­ni­ty Groups are able to access mutu­al sup­port, have bet­ter
sys­tems and process to bet­ter deliv­er their own char­i­ta­ble pur­pos­es, are able to play an active role and
ensure that the voic­es of their ser­vice users are heard in local part­ner­ship ini­tia­tive, and are able to work
togeth­er to secure fund­ing and oth­er resources that they oth­er­wise would not be able to access.

Aims and Objectives:

1. Secur­ing fund­ing and investment.

  • Hori­zon-scan­ning for fund­ing and invest­ment opportunities.
  • Proac­tive­ly engag­ing with stake­hold­ers for the pur­pos­es of: 
    • Iden­ti­fy­ing gaps and needs.
    • Iden­ti­fy­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties and pre­sent­ing VCS solutions.
  • Respond­ing to requests from com­mis­sion­ers and fun­ders to pro­vide high qual­i­ty solu­tions through the VCS.

2. Com­mis­sion­ing VCS organ­i­sa­tions to deliv­er high qual­i­ty services.

  • Col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly design­ing ser­vice solutions.
  • Iden­ti­fy­ing appro­pri­ate Deliv­ery Providers, and shap­ing the deliv­ery model.
  • Estab­lish­ing and man­ag­ing deliv­ery agreements.
  • Sup­port­ing, man­ag­ing, mon­i­tor­ing and eval­u­at­ing the per­for­mance of Deliv­ery Providers.
  • Embed­ding and man­ag­ing strate­gic review process­es to inform future commissioning.

3. Influ­enc­ing the strate­gic envi­ron­ment to ensure effec­tive cross-sec­tor collaboration.

  • Cham­pi­oning and posi­tion­ing the VCS with­in the strate­gic environment.
  • Iden­ti­fy­ing, pro­mot­ing and ensur­ing con­sis­tent stan­dards of good prac­tice and qual­i­ty across our Provider Com­mu­ni­ty for the pur­pos­es of man­ag­ing risk.
  • Col­lab­o­rat­ing in the devel­op­ment of the sys­tems and process­es to ensure and effec­tive and con­sis­tent com­mis­sion­ing environment.

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